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14.08 tip
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1finroc-14.08 (14.08+20140902214942-0ubuntu1) stable; urgency=low
3  * General changes
5    - Build system
6      The make-scripts were replaces by a Makefile for better support in IDEs etc.
7      Test programs are integrated in default build target and must behave as unit tests
8      Other "test programs" had more example characteristics.  Hence this category was added
9      make.xml files were adapted accordingly
10      compiler flags were adjusted to support clang as well as newer versions of GCC
11      Improved supoprt for cross-compiling
12    - C++11 features were further applied, e.g. override keyword
13    - Dependencies to boost were removed were possible
14    - Various bugfixes
15    - Improved code appearance and performance by applying more C++11 technology
16    - Finroc environment
17      Scripts to generate components lists were moved to new repository admin_finroc_server (see
18      Current architecture and OS are determined via uname instead of perl's Config module
19      Added handling of cuda header files to finroc_code_formatter
20    - Added components
21      rrlib_localization
22        (involved authors: Jens Wettach, Max Reichardt, Michael Arndt, Tobias Föhst)
23      rrlib_logging-java
24        (involved authors: Max Reichardt, Tobias Föhst)
25      rrlib_serialization-java
26        (involved authors: Max Reichardt, Tobias Föhst)
27      rrlib_si_units
28        (involved authors: Max Reichardt, Michael Arndt, Tobias Föhst)
29      rrlib_xml-java
30        (involved authors: Max Reichardt, Tobias Föhst)
32  * C++ components
34    - rrlib_util
35      Added traceable exceptions
36      Added symbol demangling
37      Added slim collection of string utility functions
38      Marked outdated RRLIB_FINAL_CLASS deprecated.  Use C++11's final specifier instead.
40    - rrlib_design_patterns
41      Made exceptions that are thrown on dead references traceable
42      Changed tLifetimeTrackerList's own lifetime to PhoenixSingleton
44    - rrlib_logging
45      Changed singleton lifetimes to support log messages in destructors of objects that were created earlier than the log domain registry
46      Improved performance of message processing
48    - rrlib_math
49      Removed sparse storage policies for tMatrix as experience shows that matrices typically are not large enough to justify the complexity
50      Major changes in tAngle that will need adaption of your code:
51        + Made one-argument-constructor of tAngle explicit
52        + Made conversion to TElement explicit that avoids many unwanted conversions
53          static_cast to TElement must be called explicitly
54          .Value() can be used to access raw value directly
55        + Redesigned signedness as AutoWrap policy
56          Signed automatically wraps values to signed circle (default)
57          Unsigned automatically wraps values to signed circle
58          Added NoWrap for no automatically wrapping
59        + Added Wrap-methods to manually wrap internal value to signed orunsigned circles
60        + Added Wrapped-methods to access the wrapped internal value without changing the object
61        + Fixed streaming operators
62          Deserialization should properly work from now on
63          Instead of manually throwing an exception, the failbit is set and the user can decide how to handle that
64        + Added support for comparing angles with different units
65      Added ASin, ACos, ATan and Atan2 functions that directly return proper angle types
66      Added constants cPI and cPI_2 according to M_PI and M_PI_2 but of proper type
67      Implemented tPose2D and tPose3D via the new localization::tPose
69    - rrlib_serialization
70      Added type traits IsSerializableContainer and IsSerializable.  This way, more standard containers can be serialized.  Furthermore, the number of stream operator overloads could be reduced.
72    - rrlib_rtti
73      Moved container serialization to rrlib_serialization
74      Removed unused and suboptimal serialization of shared_ptr-containers.
75      Removed factories.
76      Added various type traits and got rid of many less clear code (e.g. sStaticTypeInfo.h, deep_copy.h)
77      Fundamental data types are now initialized in tDataType.cpp
78      Added type trait 'TypeName' for setting rrlib_rtti type names (e.g. for whole templates)
80    - finroc_core
81      Limiting framework element hierarchy depth to detect programming errors before they lead to infinite loops/hanging applications
83    - finroc_plugins_data_ports
84      Added single-threaded cheap copy port implementation
86    - finroc_plugin_runtime_construction
87      The functionality of tFinstructableGroup is now contained in an annotation tFinstructable.
88        This way, finstructability can be added to arbitrary framework elements.
89        Retained small class 'FinstructableGroup' for backward-compatibility (graphical instantation).
90        Removed deprecated and obsolete header tFinstructableGroup.h.
91      Split tEditableInterfaces in two classes - the basic variant can be used outside of main runtime construction plugin.
93    - finroc_plugin_scheduling
94      Significantly reworked scheduling approach.
95        The schedule is now divided into 4 phases: pre-sense, sense, control, other.
96        For each of these phases a separate data flow graph is created and processed.
97        Plain components may be executed twice if they are part of both the sense and the control phase.
98        The execution phase is added to the TaskProfile in profiling mode.
99      Added method to thread container to execute cycles manually (e.g. in test programs)
101    - finroc_plugins_structure
102      Refactored tThreadContainer and the default_main_wrapper.
103        tThreadContainer is now a template with its base class as template parameter (as decided in Finroc meeting on 7th April 2014).
104        A 'Main Thread' ThreadContainer is no longer created automatically (and InitMainGroup function no longer expects it as parameter).
105        Instead, the main ThreadContainer is to be created inside InitMainGroup - possibly using the new convenience class tTopLevelThreadContainer.
106        This allows for more flexibility for its creation.
107      Renamed default_main_wrapper's InitMainGroup() to CreateMainGroup().
108        Adapted code templates to recent changes.
109        Added deprecated constructor with old signature to tGroup and tModule for backward-compatibility
110      Added functionality to support visualization
111      Added profiling functionality
113    - finroc_plugins_tcp
114      Whether to auto-connect can now be specified from the command line.
115      Changed default settings for 'Express Data' (for higher update rates).
117  * Java components
119    - finroc_core-java
120      ExternalConnection now always has an empty ModelHandler by default (otherwise, a lot of patching in TCP plugin would be required for situations where client application does not provide one)
121      Added class for handling SI units (e.g. for compatibility with rrlib_si_units) and refactored unit classes. Removed obsolete class Constant.
122      Replaced class UnknownType with cleaner and more extensible RemoteType and RemoteTypeAdapter classes.
123      Added default fallback remote type adapter for enums, string and xml serializable data.
125    - finroc_plugin_data_types-java
126      Remove obscure scaling of coordinates with 1000.
127      Moved all classes relevant for mca2 support only to RRLab's finroc_plugins_mca2-java
129    - finroc_tools_finstruct-java
130      Added 'connection history' feature (connection history is saved and provided as options on connecting)
131      Added component visualization view
132      Added profiling view
133      Performance upgrade for views that visualize additional data in graphs
135    - finroc_tools_gui-java
136      Added Click-Pose output to GeometryRenderer (angle is determined via mouse drag)
137      Fingui will now use native xml serialization when saving in applet mode (loading is also done with native serialization)
138      Added event output to buttons
140  * Thanks to our contributors:
141    - Michael Arndt, Robotics Research Lab, TU KL
142    - Patrick Fleischmann, Robotics Research Lab, TU KL
143    - Jochen Hirth, Robot Makers GmbH
145 -- Tobias Föhst <>  Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:12:54 +0200
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