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Adds a script to update to a new version after altering the source tree (along with changelog, archive, etc)

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1Finroc for Debian
41. General note
6This Debian source package was created from a Finroc working copy that
7consists of several checked out repositories and has its own component
8manager finroc_get.
9Therefore, the quilt format is used. Modifications are typically made
10by cloning the original repositories and using the branches as original
11codebase for packaging. Like an intermediate upstream. Optionally,
12changes may be made via debian/patches and quilt. This method is also
13to be chosen if changes are specific to the packaging process.
162. Building the package
18Finroc uses a build environment that contains needed configuration and
19scripts. It must be set up by sourcing a shell script. To compile Finroc
20standalone with four compiler threads, run
21  source scripts/setenv
22  makeSafe -j4
23debian/rules takes care of these steps to allow building Debian packages
24directly running e.g. dpkg-buildpackage.
26During configuration the build system's library handles must be mapped
27to Debian packages as build- or dev-dependencies. This can typically be
28done via pkg-config. If packaging terminates with an error message a la
29"Could not find development package for library 'some_lib'!" a suitable
30entry should be added to debian/libs.db. E.g
31some_lib: libsome-lib-dev
343. Upgrading to new upstream version
36Upgrade the source tree using the provided scripts as you would usually
37do when working with Finroc. That means, run e.g.
38  source scripts/setenv
39  finroc_update
40to upgrade the whole tree.
42After altering the source tree, run debian/new_version (which also needs)
43a setup environment:
44  source scripts/setenv
45  debian/new_version
47This script collects information from source control management,
48increments the version number, generates the changelog and creates the
49new archive. Make sure, that the new package can be built and add needed
50entries to e.g. debian/libs.db.
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