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(edit) @16:3bdc5aa74130   6 years tobias.foehst Fixed dependency detection in .finroc and .xml files tip
(edit) @15:350c55d2f905   6 years tobias.foehst Fixed warnings in perl script
(edit) @14:a66530e4016c   6 years foehst Bugfix: used wrong environment variable in prechangegroup.pullrequests
(edit) @13:50f1f9c4ea96   6 years foehst Fixes processing of sources via xml-attribute in dependencies-generator
(edit) @12:e1cb39e1ccb0   7 years foehst Adds the repository description from Trac's database to the generated …
(edit) @11:9cf08708691a   7 years foehst Changed locale to cope with non-ascii characters in author names
(edit) @10:7d58c7e67a36   7 years foehst Added hook that syncs trac's repository cache for mercurial repositories
(edit) @9:56c7cc5c7f47   7 years foehst Added support for program and library targets and optional examples
(edit) @8:d55763c2ba75   7 years foehst Added support for access-filtered components
(edit) @7:00882b2e3ef9   7 years foehst Made rewrite_component_lists work in subfolders
(edit) @6:b10fe2e0d889   8 years foehst Added hg hook to work with trac's repository manager and pull requests
(edit) @5:ae0cfaa3b876   8 years foehst Added rewrite_component_lists for cronjob
(edit) @4:629fded49900   8 years foehst Imported finroc_generate_component_lists as update_component_lists from …
(edit) @3:b3292136bfc3   8 years foehst Restricted convention checking hooks to rrlib, finroc and make_builder …
(edit) @2:24877db9af62   8 years foehst Made hooks more robust against a symlink environment
(edit) @1:b9065b7b6446   8 years foehst Added a bit more stuff to .hgignore
(add) @0:81c08479f068   8 years foehst Initial version of server environment
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