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(edit) @67:d0989404cbea   12 months mreichardt Adapts to change in rrlib_serialization-java (adds explicit throw clause … tip
(edit) @66:7775f20e07c7   3 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @65:b5a937c93270   5 years mreichardt Updated 'make.xml' - to preferred target tag names
(edit) @64:4185f95fb845   6 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @63:216f6b2ba4a8   6 years mreichardt Removed obsolete (problematic) blackboard type registration by java class
(edit) @62:89c0f32226bb   7 years mreichardt Removed obsolete dependency entry from make.xml
(edit) @61:3ccd07f90eb7   7 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in rrlibs (modularization)
(edit) @60:c9a01984a200   7 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @59:284f98a3d5f3   7 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @58:0a730a1fcc98   7 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.03
(edit) @57:2f6087df17f9   7 years mreichardt Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming
(edit) @56:a95dfa54d7fc   7 years foehst Equalized preamble
(edit) @55:17e0ee05f677   7 years mreichardt Started to adapt to major changes (for release) in finroc core. As it is …
(edit) @54:a7647be9242d   7 years mreichardt Removed annotations and code for outdated Java=>C++ conversion
(edit) @53:c5b6de13d2ca   8 years foehst Removed unneeded dependency files
(edit) @52:3966ba93fc05   8 years wettach clarification for java 7
(edit) @51:64cf1e840a8f   8 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc_core
(edit) @50:c7c2574dcef9   8 years mreichardt Adapted to change in pull request handler class.
(edit) @49:e7ee064e19e8   8 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc core.
(edit) @48:1f40db6d3ec2   8 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in rrlib_finroc_core_utils.
(edit) @47:6ca52238c219   8 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.02.1
(edit) @46:73e4e358e1e2   9 years mreichardt Bugfix
(edit) @45:18f410518411   9 years mreichardt Adapted make.xml to new target names
(edit) @44:7e49d8f1caf3   9 years reichardt Adapted make.xml to new directory structure
(edit) @43:62356cf598e9   9 years reichardt Adapted to new directory structure provided by finroc_get
(edit) @42:faab48659574   9 years reichardt Added log messages to blackboard access classes.
(edit) @41:6d466981634c   9 years reichardt fixed C++ memory issue during static intialization (that resulted in leak)
(edit) @40:d3567f88270c   9 years reichardt Some C++ changes (mainly for revision 46)
(edit) @39:811d3cbaf913   9 years reichardt Adapted to changes in finroc_core
(edit) @38:7cce4daa32c0   9 years reichardt Introduced changed-flags for blackboard clients
(edit) @37:2a1ae3c709d3   9 years reichardt Added push_strategy parameter to blackboard client constructor
(edit) @36:afaf82a1c01b   9 years reichardt Made blackboard type information a data type annotation. Thus, the …
(edit) @35:abf99c6139f8   9 years reichardt manually edited .dependencies
(edit) @34:8aada63e343d   9 years reichardt bugfix: remote blackboard ports are now also flagged as NETWORK_ELEMENTS
(edit) @33:4d25385d3119   9 years reichardt Changed code so that blackboard methods are added to blackboard port …
(edit) @32:93b4e0a69948   9 years reichardt Added init() statement to BlackboardManager::getInstance(). Added type …
(edit) @31:01964c087a0e   9 years reichardt Added getDescription() to blackboard client
(edit) @30:a46bb7f079d9   9 years reichardt stuff related to explicit template instantiations
(edit) @29:82ce8e79c977   9 years reichardt Explicitly instantiated blackboard templates for the two most common …
(edit) @28:dc05a082698b   9 years reichardt fixed some issues (such as blackboard buffer deep copying, classic …
(edit) @27:21f93d7a5c5e   9 years reichardt Added resize for classic, MCA2-style blackboard types.
(edit) @26:2424f29bb8df   9 years reichardt fixed various bugs and issues.
(edit) @25:918de6c59a42   9 years reichardt a few bugfixes
(edit) @24:f104a03a992a   9 years reichardt Made (multi-buffered) BlackboardServer compile and run. …
(edit) @23:25ed7f9b23cc   9 years reichardt Fixed a few bugs. 'testrealports' now actually runs again with …
(edit) @22:e74d025c6ccf   9 years reichardt Major Refactoring - e.g. Completely replaced port's and RPC mechanism's …
(edit) @21:251875309aa1   9 years reichardt Refactored blackboard constructors. Adapted to changes in …
(edit) @20:ebfa7132d6b1   9 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @19:379d45aa6ef1   9 years reichardt adapted to finroc_core-java rev. 71 implemented changes as discussed in …
(edit) @18:7cd30e6cb858   10 years reichardt Adapted to changes in finroc_core
(edit) @17:2a635105bf3e   10 years reichardt Cleaned up project: Removed tons of ancient code that was commented out …
(edit) @16:0dc63051c730   10 years reichardt Reverted order of first two parameters ("name" and "parent") in framework …
(edit) @15:ee821af651db   10 years reichardt bugfix: don't send keep-alive signals for deleted blackboard clients
(edit) @14:8176ab6ae9c2   10 years reichardt bugfix
(edit) @13:badd67ae8b1a   10 years reichardt Adapted to changes in core
(edit) @12:bdd03c30d28b   10 years foehst Updated dependencies
(edit) @11:abe89091f3d2   10 years reichardt Finroc "Trapezohedron" commit - minor include/import-related fixes
(edit) @10:d148f1d444ce   10 years reichardt Adapted code to changes in rrlib_logging
(edit) @9:36bda239172b   10 years reichardt Introduced logging domains and replaced all console output with calls to …
(edit) @8:f1577311df0b   10 years reichardt 2 Bugfixes: - forgot port flag for remote blackboard connecting - avoid …
(edit) @7:8c8cbd5f69af   10 years reichardt Additions to blackboard servers for MCA2 compatibility (retrieving of …
(edit) @6:39ee78252fdd   10 years reichardt fixed lock-order related bug: Blackboard operations are no longer …
(edit) @5:b83b34751a77   10 years reichardt Finroc - "Deadlock Extinction" commit: Introduced global, total ordering …
(edit) @4:ce6733634804   10 years reichardt minor fix
(edit) @3:7dc81bff0c35   10 years foehst Updated dependencies
(edit) @2:79cae2d61714   10 years reichardt removed executable flags
(edit) @1:05a290a0f04f   10 years reichardt Initial commit
(add) @0:d1e38a220e1d   10 years root Initial repository layout
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