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(edit) @137:f7b272f25ea9   2 years mreichardt Adds missing buffer pool deletion to tBlackboardClient::ManagedDelete … 17.03
(edit) @132:0e85c0363016   4 years max.reichardt Merged with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @127:d3065c722bdb   4 years max.reichardt Adds strict single-buffered mode option to blackboards that never copies … 14.08
(edit) @124:3b0f3ceceab2   5 years mreichardt Refactors/simplifies blackboard port structure and adapts to changes in … 17.03
(edit) @121:cdb019657f20   7 years mreichardt Added basic revision counter to blackboards (fixes RRLab Ticket #44)
(edit) @104:9e5f2b3a541a   8 years mreichardt Small modifications required for MCA2 backward-compatibility
(edit) @102:aa31a534b0b9   8 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @100:f389d2bf771f   8 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc_plugins_data_ports
(edit) @98:c912a6633f75   8 years foehst Adapted to changes in finroc_plugins_structure regarding …
(edit) @92:458411941d07   8 years mreichardt Replaced boost::noncopyable with rrlib::util::tNoncopyable.
(edit) @88:b3323e946c6d   8 years mreichardt Fixed some issues.
(edit) @87:3b699eeb7404   8 years mreichardt Fixed various issues.
(edit) @86:283ad3b9da16   9 years mreichardt Reimplented blackboard plugin for Finroc. Should be a significant …
(edit) @82:86f8108c6589   9 years foehst Fixed malformed enumerations
(edit) @81:420c15cbff27   9 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc_core
(edit) @78:de215d3e655f   9 years mreichardt Added proper move construction and assigment to tBlackboard and …
(edit) @77:db35e5ed94d1   9 years mreichardt Fixed bugs in functionality to connect and replicate local blackboards - …
(edit) @75:2415750eb88a   9 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc_core.
(edit) @69:1c94da55bd55   9 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc core. Tidied up code a little. Lock timeouts …
(edit) @66:5328a1452bd8   10 years mreichardt Bugfixes in tBlackboardClient.
(edit) @65:2988336715d9   10 years mreichardt Adapted variable naming to conventions.
(edit) @63:3f5e6fdf4f64   10 years mreichardt Typo
(edit) @61:3ea9a8810ec7   10 years mreichardt Adapted to changes ("RPC 2.0") in finroc core.
(edit) @58:a57cc823e060   10 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in finroc core.
(edit) @57:970e6b17d3f3   10 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in rrlib_serialization.
(edit) @56:55ad6e938f85   10 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.02.1
(edit) @55:69a4cbbdda1d   10 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_logging
(edit) @54:cf90d5a0ce89   10 years mreichardt Changed type of tBlackboard's and tBlackboardClient's outside read ports …
(edit) @53:79feb57af70f   10 years mreichardt Added tBlackboard convenience class to create blackboards in …
(edit) @45:279982865b6f   10 years reichardt Added empty constructor to tBlackboardClient to make it possible to …
(edit) @42:e783ff6adcda   10 years reichardt Introduced changed-flags for blackboard clients
(edit) @41:d1b79439a80b   10 years reichardt Added push_strategy parameter to blackboard client constructor
(edit) @35:1a457a4cab91   10 years reichardt Added code so that blackboard clients also register/initialize types used …
(edit) @34:302a0d461e16   10 years reichardt Added getDescription() to blackboard client
(edit) @32:54a86a09df00   11 years reichardt Explicitly instantiated blackboard templates for the two most common …
(edit) @29:48ce89dae5c1   11 years reichardt Added test program. Fixed various bugs and issues.
(edit) @25:8867184b6590   11 years reichardt Major Refactoring - e.g. Completely replaced port's and RPC mechanism's …
(edit) @24:9e11d419d6be   11 years reichardt Refactored blackboard constructors. Adapted to changes in …
(add) @22:65dcd4f0049a   11 years reichardt adapted to finroc_core rev. 92 adjusted #ifndef guard names and moved all …
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