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(edit) @78:c30fe4ed0855   7 years mreichardt DistanceData data type can now deal with extra data area.
(edit) @77:c26bb72190b1   7 years mreichardt Added BoolList type
(edit) @76:114c52da128c   7 years mreichardt Added toString() method to Pose2D and Pose3D.
(edit) @75:fa545e30ffb0   7 years foehst Removed unneeded dependency files
(edit) @74:4e7df9d210d0   7 years mreichardt Bugfix in Angle class.
(edit) @73:0adb13d04bea   7 years mreichardt merged
(edit) @72:d568cf98c608   7 years mreichardt Added setters to Angle. Corrected method names.
(edit) @71:207529769d17   7 years mreichardt Modified Canvas so that text is always painted horizontal and in constant …
(edit) @70:d6bbef990040   7 years mreichardt Fixed Canvas data type so that it can be viewed in finstruct.
(edit) @69:32d064d177c9   7 years foehst Replaced built-in Bezier curves by own version that supports arbitrary …
(edit) @68:f776861418cc   7 years mreichardt Added XML serialization to string list. Marked some types as 'CCType'.
(edit) @67:7066c8cf03ef   7 years mreichardt Merged.
(edit) @66:9beec66eb9dd   7 years mreichardt Added angle class.
(edit) @65:488500da1554   8 years mreichardt Changed StdStringList's type name from List<string> to List<String>.
(edit) @64:81275a535053   8 years mreichardt Fixed bug in string serializaiton of Pose2D class.
(edit) @63:24c9a4ad017e   8 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in rrlib_finroc_core_utils.
(edit) @62:6b77e61177c6   8 years foehst Improved scaling independence of arrow heads and strokes
(edit) @61:89f52da5ba6e   8 years foehst - Adapted to changes in rrlib_canvas - Added support for arrows to Canvas …
(edit) @60:2833e563bdbf   8 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.02.1
(edit) @59:bdbff3e96cf3   8 years mreichardt Adapted to latest changes in rrlib_canvas.
(edit) @58:69c7f3b90e9e   8 years mreichardt Bugfix
(edit) @57:3c2c6e25862f   8 years schaefer removed debug messages
(edit) @56:95d740edbb2b   8 years schaefer merged
(edit) @55:a8266f92f036   8 years schaefer added getWidth, getHeight
(edit) @54:0f08ac028bb4   8 years mreichardt Fixed another potential problem in last commit.
(edit) @53:0d458aec56c9   8 years mreichardt Bugfix
(edit) @52:db8e4a543038   8 years mreichardt Added SetImageDataRGB32 so that Image objects can also be filled with …
(edit) @51:6ef8e5ee0433   8 years mreichardt Added class for drawing bezier splines with Java AWT. Forgot this in last …
(edit) @50:d636d7fb58ce   8 years mreichardt Added canvas data type.
(edit) @49:786a729a1182   8 years mreichardt Added Java equivalents for vector classes in rrlib_math. Adapted …
(edit) @48:ee16e82c0e56   8 years mreichardt Added Java equivalent to tPose2D. Pose3D is derived from Pose2D to allow …
(edit) @47:1146e724fb30   8 years mreichardt Changed endianness in Images Mono16 format. Fixed issue in camera feature …
(edit) @46:544fe0fcc3ea   8 years mreichardt Added xml serialization to tCameraFeauter.Set
(edit) @45:8522f3daacce   8 years mreichardt Various Changes/fixes/additions to CameraFeature classes required for …
(edit) @44:dfc7baee13e9   8 years mreichardt Added tCameraFeature and tCameraFeatureSet Java equivalent. Removed some …
(edit) @43:6c41516642ef   8 years mreichardt Adapted make.xml to new target names
(edit) @42:82e64193b7e4   8 years reichardt Adapted make.xml to new directory structure
(edit) @41:25f79f6ace25   8 years reichardt Adapted to new directory structure provided by finroc_get
(edit) @40:ce91b1fd0afd   8 years reichardt Fixed issues in tDistanceData. Now seems to work - more or less.
(edit) @39:9245533f618c   8 years reichardt Added image index selection to HasBlittable interface. This allows …
(edit) @38:6a7b98296c06   8 years reichardt bugfix in bounds extraction
(edit) @37:9ce61bf2d842   8 years reichardt Added getBounds() to Paintable interface. Added graphics2D proxy utility …
(edit) @36:c5ad58a763e5   8 years reichardt Added abstract interfaces Dimension and PointList. Implemented Java …
(edit) @35:d2454d798aff   8 years reichardt Introduced StringStream serialization for ContainsStrings types.
(edit) @34:dfbc00a6530e   8 years reichardt Image: Fixed RGB32 image format. Added support for BGR32 image format.
(edit) @33:880527d375c7   8 years reichardt Renamed ImageBlackboard to Image and adapted it to serialization in …
(edit) @32:5ccbad7fc86d   8 years reichardt Deleted BehaviourInfoBlackboard class and upgraded BehaviourInfo class. …
(edit) @31:886008da0968   8 years reichardt some refactoring to mca legacy blackboards
(edit) @30:571ca431f94c   8 years reichardt manually edited .dependencies
(edit) @29:75785e485a36   8 years reichardt Committed correct version of class
(edit) @28:1cb65dc6b4be   8 years reichardt Added Data type for lists of c++ std::string(s)
(edit) @27:4b125b4ad71f   8 years reichardt Added data type for finroc float blackboards
(edit) @26:f32124b1e7e5   9 years reichardt Adapted serialization of tTime to rrlib_util tTime
(edit) @25:319f6e68ece3   9 years reichardt marked Pose3D and Time as CC types
(edit) @24:c8dde6de3ae7   9 years reichardt forgot file in last commit
(edit) @23:64b9c0a1625b   9 years reichardt Adapted mca types to changes in finroc_core and mca2-finroc kernel
(edit) @22:c092ac47060a   9 years reichardt adapted to finroc_core-java rev. 71
(edit) @21:e4f5571d3c8d   9 years wettach added Time data type
(edit) @20:6cc5ef19e7fb   9 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @19:e10ad555b354   9 years reichardt Added Pose3D data type
(edit) @18:c26f32dbfe0f   9 years reichardt Adapted GeometryBlackboard to changes in mca2 (more geometry types, …
(edit) @17:e004b7e5b0b7   9 years reichardt Corrected YUV422 mode in ImageBlackboard
(edit) @16:8293023ecfb6   9 years foehst Updated dependencies
(edit) @15:2cd0f612191e   9 years reichardt Finroc "Trapezohedron" commit Adapted to core changes regarding …
(edit) @14:a18582f3542b   9 years reichardt Replaced all console output with calls to rrlib_logging.
(edit) @13:fa4cc0f00114   9 years reichardt Fixed padding bug in ImageBlackboard. Images look correct now.
(edit) @12:1209a2b52ea9   9 years reichardt Fixed bug in image blackboard
(edit) @11:ff80c20b868b   9 years reichardt Adapted LogStreamBlackboardBuffer class to (unexpected) wraparound
(edit) @10:47d5046aa53e   9 years reichardt Reversed entries in Logstreamblackboard
(edit) @9:23eb0733ddfd   9 years reichardt Added LogStreamBlackboard support
(edit) @8:c7856dfd78ad   9 years reichardt Fixed handling of empty GeometryBlackboards.
(edit) @7:f7ebd28ac137   9 years reichardt Bugfix in GeometryBlackboard
(edit) @6:b5b80f183587   9 years reichardt Added MCA2 image blackboard (untested in new context) and therefore moved …
(edit) @5:89c39ac77cb8   9 years reichardt Geometry blackbaord enhancements and fixes
(edit) @4:2e10ccce95d6   9 years reichardt Moved paintable to data types
(edit) @3:98cb4a7c2213   9 years reichardt Added Geometry Blackboard. All types are registered now.
(edit) @2:d8b79276fb8d   10 years foehst Updated dependencies
(edit) @1:426b01bf219c   10 years reichardt Initial commit
(add) @0:1cb3514f56bf   10 years root Initial repository layout
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