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(edit) @69:cf2eaf1a27e5   13 months mreichardt Merge with 17.03 tip
(edit) @68:307030cbddc8   14 months max.reichardt Adds 'Cycle Time Emergency Limit' parameter to thread containers (checks … 17.03
(edit) @67:fd78cbb2375f   17 months max.reichardt Makes tThreadContainerThread::CurrentThread also return specialized … 17.03
(edit) @66:00967c7b42c9   17 months max.reichardt Removes debug-only code from tThreadContainerThread 17.03
(edit) @65:f4913559b0b0   17 months max.reichardt Adds option for thread-container subclasses to create specialized threads … 17.03
(edit) @64:a064ee339977   19 months mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @63:b73e50c3772b   21 months mreichardt Fixes issue when deleting thread containers at runtime - ensuring threads … 17.03
(edit) @62:feac8788900e   21 months mreichardt Removes obsolete heuristic in … 17.03
(edit) @61:183a4edb7274   22 months mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @60:793db9aa1a8c   23 months max.reichardt Tweaks event-triggered thread-container execution: it will only trigger on … 17.03
(edit) @59:a0d1aadc087d   2 years mreichardt Adds operator== for tTaskProfile 17.03
(edit) @58:0479476dcd36   2 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @57:3bf99d87fc8b   2 years max.reichardt Provides access to tasks' dependency lists after construction (for … 17.03
(edit) @56:b90e67b312fb   2 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @55:e948ec465cb9   2 years max.reichardt Introduces virtual thread container management task for more accurate … 17.03
(edit) @54:2ec9c5dda41c   3 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @53:b4c283f924f4   3 years mreichardt Adds different execution modes to thread containers. They can be specified … 17.03
(edit) @52:55f0b998b9b3   3 years max.reichardt Makes port-based scheduling mode (default) value … 17.03
(edit) @51:3a362f06ff3e   3 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @50:67c1af6879cb   3 years max.reichardt Makes connections to parameters irrelevant for scheduling for all … 17.03
(edit) @49:cb5421449fed   3 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @48:d33d26706abe   3 years max.reichardt Adapts scheduling to handle new composite ports correctly 17.03
(edit) @47:0bc270036061   3 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @46:ea5236122831   3 years max.reichardt Adds 'pause thread' port to thread containers - and tidies code around … 17.03
(edit) @45:dfa3e86a9d88   3 years max.reichardt Moves template-parameter-independent part of tThreadContainerElement to … 17.03
(edit) @44:05abba900db9   4 years max.reichardt Merge with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @43:01861b41db29   4 years max.reichardt Adds GetCurrentTaskName member function to tThreadContainerThread class … 14.08
(edit) @42:eb05aaad58d9   4 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @41:9f50c089353c   5 years max.reichardt Fixes compiler warning 17.03
(edit) @40:5257c0aa1511   5 years mreichardt Adapts to changes in finroc_core (adds interface classification) and … 17.03
(edit) @39:793ec0a1013c   6 years mreichardt Fixes use of constant from finroc_plugins_data_ports that does not yet … 14.08
(edit) @38:58b304a670d1   6 years mreichardt Adapts to changes in finroc_core 17.03
(edit) @37:836fa4d7e966   6 years mreichardt Merged with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @36:264d51caa11c   6 years mreichardt Parent element of profiling ports is now a proper component interface 14.08
(edit) @35:a74b988b2e40   6 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @34:1b9eca41497d   8 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @33:e4dc5d4753a1   8 years mreichardt Fixed issue with calling ExecuteCycle() manually on thread container
(edit) @32:6f4a33275892   8 years mreichardt tThreadContainerThread::GetCurrentCycleStartTime() now always returns …
(edit) @31:95a75c77fd9f   8 years mreichardt Fixed subtle bug in tThreadContainerThread (occasionally occured when …
(edit) @30:2f4b3fa675c5   8 years mreichardt Bugfix (ExecuteCycle() could remove runtime listener leading to schedules …
(edit) @29:06d8c9ce1157   8 years mreichardt Added method to thread container to execute cycles manually (e.g. in test …
(edit) @28:80110ec67b99   8 years mreichardt Fixed bug in scheduling when modules are places outside of thread …
(edit) @27:79d9f3880651   8 years mreichardt Updated make.xml
(edit) @26:3a1c3466e434   8 years mreichardt Made tThreadContainerThread::MainLoopCallback() public
(edit) @25:ea47e148fb74   8 years mreichardt Small modifications for single threaded mode
(edit) @24:117e563c26b7   9 years mreichardt Added (verbose-classified) debug output that displays information about …
(edit) @23:63bf70269cf4   9 years mreichardt Added compile-time option to enable port-connection-based scheduling
(edit) @22:383a94109165   9 years mreichardt Small improvements to last commit (moved some code to …
(edit) @21:22b1b3b70b81   9 years mreichardt Significantly reworked scheduling approach. The schedule is now divided …
(edit) @20:3cc0b48821cd   9 years mreichardt Added more informative output when scheduler encounters loops in data flow …
(edit) @19:d371f712c72a   9 years mreichardt inlined stream operators tTaskProfile to avoid linking problems
(edit) @18:1b8048c9972b   9 years mreichardt Renamed thread container profiling port group to 'Profiling'
(edit) @17:a2dae6c8a409   9 years mreichardt Added missing files from last commit
(edit) @16:81bde2858348   9 years mreichardt Added profiling functionality
(edit) @15:881c1c2fdf64   9 years mreichardt Added 'override' keyword where appropriate
(edit) @14:759bc7d5248b   9 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @13:41187e958cf7   9 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @12:517fb2fc437a   9 years mreichardt Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming
(edit) @11:7a5f0c223593   9 years mreichardt Bugfix in creating dependency graph for scheduling (fixes RRLab ticket …
(edit) @10:cac7c10763fe   9 years mreichardt Small fix that prevents some unnecessary rescheduling (e.g. from strategy …
(edit) @9:7f20330ab5cc   9 years mreichardt Fixed issue that caused clang warning.
(edit) @8:4ce63549e15d   9 years mreichardt Bugfix. Error message for stuck tasks no longer causes crashes when there …
(edit) @7:276f396dbd75   9 years mreichardt Replaced simple mutex in tThreadContainerElement with an ordered one in …
(edit) @6:70cd666bc6d7   10 years mreichardt Input and output interfaces for periodic framework element tasks are no …
(edit) @5:4d1bc91146f7   10 years mreichardt Replaced boost::noncopyable with rrlib::util::tNoncopyable.
(edit) @4:a4eff5a99ded   10 years mreichardt Adapted to callback renaming in finroc_core.
(edit) @3:293f4714935f   10 years mreichardt Moved ThreadContainer typedef to structure plugin.
(edit) @2:eb8a9a855363   10 years mreichardt Reverted last commit (there are methods in tThreadContainerThread meant to …
(edit) @1:46c0725cd9a7   10 years mreichardt Moved tThreadCotnainerThread to internal subdirectory.
(add) @0:094439f11b63   10 years mreichardt Initial commit (moved and refactored classes from finroc_core repository)
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