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(edit) @73:06bfa9e5819c   4 years foehst Adds support for deleting and banning changesets from managed repositories tip
(edit) @72:64c783e9086b   4 years foehst Various smaller corrections
(edit) @71:4ff799a7e12f   4 years foehst Adds enhanced repository index with e.g. maintainer information
(edit) @70:bec60e72ab66   4 years foehst Adds handling of description field in managed repositories and hgrc files
(edit) @69:d5d5356a6f2d   4 years foehst Fixes too early changed class in case of failed repository conversion
(edit) @68:352c71570148   4 years foehst Implements repository remove_managed command for trac-admin
(edit) @67:78c3fb8d98ae   4 years foehst Fixes detection of unmanaged repositories. Now the correct error is risen.
(edit) @66:66a810db5229   4 years foehst Reorders actions and database updates to stay consistent in case of errors
(edit) @65:4e1dcc8e22b6   4 years foehst Fixes base directory preparation during forks and regardless of umask
(edit) @64:909d212b916a   4 years foehst Adds write list to hgrc to support handling of maintainted repositories in …
(edit) @63:2050281c9cf3   5 years foehst Resynchronizing repository data after moving directories
(edit) @62:0408cf8e66e4   5 years foehst Adjusted filesystem modes
(edit) @61:e34d11a36d80   5 years foehst Fixed bug in renaming repositories
(edit) @60:4fd0a0d28e85   5 years foehst Started to implement commands for trac-admin
(edit) @59:65c0e270474c   5 years foehst The plugin now takes care that the authz file for AuthzSourcePolicy exists
(edit) @58:022b1809eab0   5 years foehst Denying removal of repositories that are referenced in pull requests and …
(edit) @57:19ea072d8971   5 years foehst Added check if accepting or rejecting a pull request is valid.
(edit) @56:c60d0c68187a   5 years foehst Bugfix: fixed variable name in template
(edit) @55:ac81000dfcd4   5 years foehst Bugfix: REPOSITORY_ADMIN can now really select free names for forks even …
(edit) @54:99dbf07cc37e   5 years foehst Bugfix: maintainers of destination must be allowed to modify pull requests …
(edit) @53:93fe169ae4e8   5 years foehst Bugfix: creation of repositories when forks are restircted
(edit) @52:a2dbc87bc75b   5 years foehst Bugfix: taking owner and maintainer from destination in pull requests …
(edit) @51:0779dff088a3   5 years foehst Changed id of diff div to make use of common css in pull request views
(edit) @50:7573aff6a8ae   5 years foehst Added missing template folder to
(edit) @49:d62b8c05b4f8   5 years foehst Bugfix: Now also repository admin can create restricted forks directly …
(edit) @48:50c4dd7627c0   5 years foehst Repository auth files now reflect the same inheriting behavior as the ACL …
(edit) @47:c9fe273401a0   5 years foehst Improved handling of implicit roles
(edit) @46:36740b2bc8d4   5 years foehst Using ids to reference repositories in pull requests
(edit) @45:2930de07e622   5 years foehst Deleting more stuff from database when removing a repository
(edit) @44:cef29a27ce04   5 years foehst Switched groups and users in ACL interface for more convenience
(edit) @43:bbfda371942b   5 years foehst Added option to automatically install post- and pre-commit hooks
(edit) @42:e7ce03389444   5 years foehst Fixed base_dir option for repositories, which should not be relative to …
(edit) @41:c39d3d62e36c   5 years foehst Adjusted docstrings
(edit) @40:3983396bcbdb   5 years foehst Showing owners in role lists to remind that they implicitly have those
(edit) @39:4d4e726eca3e   5 years foehst Fixed modification page for non-forks
(edit) @38:f954863f09eb   5 years foehst Changed redirection after creation to modify-page to remind about …
(edit) @37:c61ca5f87e67   5 years foehst Added some documentation
(edit) @36:e5f08331638d   5 years foehst Filtering reporter from cc field if a maintainer creates a pull request
(edit) @35:97c0cf15800b   5 years foehst Forks now can easily inherit their origin's maintainers as readers
(edit) @34:a94a2ba5a910   5 years foehst Fixed redirection after renaming repository
(edit) @33:d6d5eecf4978   5 years foehst Unified convert_managed_repository and convert_forked_repository
(edit) @32:697e33aeba8e   5 years foehst Further restrictions to forked repositories
(edit) @31:3bc12e581dce   5 years foehst Added support for restricted forks
(edit) @30:9ef313d3af32   5 years foehst Fixed fields in web interface
(edit) @29:57175a2de49c   5 years foehst Added docstrings
(edit) @28:6e7b237863b0   5 years foehst Added workflow proxy that handles pull requests different from other …
(edit) @27:8c115c726e41   5 years foehst Renamed role sets
(edit) @26:99cf10c275c5   5 years foehst Added some validation for pull requests
(edit) @25:e1ba6679e0bb   5 years foehst Hiding unneeded fields in pull requests and using ITicketManipulator to …
(edit) @24:d1b7ae6e6853   5 years foehst Removed unneeded permission: pull requests may be opened like usual …
(edit) @23:c9a51079b6f3   5 years foehst Fixed forking
(edit) @22:b699901f0099   5 years foehst Fixed a lot of bugs erported by Michael
(edit) @21:0736fc171ee7   5 years foehst Hooked update of auth files in the right places to reduce file …
(edit) @20:0d3af181c0a7   5 years foehst Added support for writing source suthz for Trac's fine grained permissions
(edit) @19:b812fcaf13a5   5 years foehst Fixed bug in svn authz file creation
(edit) @18:198f6d290552   5 years foehst Added support for writing svn authz files
(edit) @17:183dd2143b19   5 years foehst Added ACL support for all authenticated users and fixed bug in hgrc …
(edit) @16:1fb6360ee428   5 years foehst Added support for writing hgrc files
(edit) @15:917aa90a9505   5 years foehst Added support for writing hgrc files
(edit) @14:985b141c508a   5 years foehst Fixed docstring formatting
(edit) @13:1c0ec64c67ea   5 years foehst Added roles for maintainers, writers and readers, that are stored in the …
(edit) @12:08b7a9853ca5   5 years foehst Moved pull request genshi templates to subfolder
(edit) @11:fb2d515d8724   5 years foehst Added owner handling, removed unneede permissions and refactored lots of …
(edit) @10:f8d293ff6279   5 years foehst Added direct forking and restrict_dir option
(edit) @9:44186bb1c612   5 years foehst Added documentation
(edit) @8:149f9f2bf09e   5 years foehst Applied TracDev/CodingStyle
(edit) @7:0936268c5628   5 years foehst Added diff to pull requests
(edit) @6:94e9903befea   5 years foehst Added .hgignore
(edit) @5:38a2aabda522   5 years foehst Added pull request as special tickets
(edit) @4:4573922f152f   5 years foehst Hijacked ticket system to handle pull requests
(edit) @3:332bb5b477bf   5 years foehst Added support for modifying repositories
(edit) @2:671310908023   5 years foehst Reworked encapsulation of Trac's original repository manager
(edit) @1:161ea1053ff5   5 years foehst Added permission checking
(add) @0:f36a28922089   5 years foehst Initial version with support for creating and removing svn and hg …
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