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(edit) @40:23fcfeb92266   3 years mreichardt Merge with default tip
(edit) @39:26f8a5bb40c7   3 years mreichardt Fixes compile errors occuring with older compilers (introduced with last … 17.03
(edit) @38:041041479073   3 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @37:cf2e8cc26f87   3 years mreichardt Fixes compiler warnings that appear with additional non-default warning … 17.03
(edit) @36:803857601c4e   4 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @35:ed215c371577   4 years mreichardt Merge with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @34:397929065ebb   4 years mreichardt Fixes compiler warning with gcc 9.3 ('moving a local object in a return … 14.08
(edit) @33:efee8c673d5c   5 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @32:6e6675d5c70c   5 years mreichardt Merged with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @31:b46f39cb38ec   5 years mreichardt Fixes uninitialized member variable in concurrent sets 14.08
(edit) @30:f5cfec4e411a   7 years mreichardt Adds tRegister concurrent container 17.03
(edit) @29:257f61fea4ff   7 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @28:ebadaf33f976   9 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @27:fa971592e600   10 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_util
(edit) @26:34fb77ec8c2b   10 years mreichardt Updated make.xml and transformed test programs to proper unit tests
(edit) @25:90038113e3cc   10 years mreichardt Made tQueueability an enum class
(edit) @24:5b9522151016   10 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @23:b905bdda914b   10 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.03
(edit) @22:e880a1bd0c02   10 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @21:e4f65ea3eb1b   10 years mreichardt Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming
(edit) @20:6ef1be71bd18   10 years mreichardt Fix in order to make queue stress test compile with clang
(edit) @19:bf74695129c2   10 years mreichardt Fix to make things compile with clang
(edit) @18:3a2524d73f28   11 years mreichardt Replaced boost::noncopyable with rrlib::util::tNoncopyable.
(edit) @17:98b0114deb5e   11 years foehst Updated file info
(edit) @16:4845a48fd05e   11 years mreichardt Added method for getting size of single-threaded queues
(edit) @15:e8c2dec713b5   11 years mreichardt Merged
(edit) @14:d59419426918   11 years mreichardt Added function to retrieve maximum queue length from bounded queue. Fixed …
(edit) @13:2205bdf35bc0   11 years mreichardt Fixed issues in tSet (using pointer type) Simplified ArrayChunk storage …
(edit) @12:d5e261348955   11 years foehst Added missing this-> for non-argument-dependent name lookup. That's why we …
(edit) @11:823ea2e65ace   11 years mreichardt Bugfix/workaround for std::atomic<uint64_t> in gcc 4.6 32-bit. Some minor …
(edit) @10:3393954730c3   11 years mreichardt Added comments to atomic stress test program
(edit) @9:ca4279ec7136   11 years mreichardt Added stress test for std::atomic<uint64_t> to check whether torn writes …
(edit) @8:2f68276cd582   11 years mreichardt Fixes for 32 bit platforms. Typo.
(edit) @7:ec5c0b213bbf   11 years mreichardt Added support for dequeueing queue fragments. Performed major refactoring.
(edit) @6:99edd9b878a7   11 years mreichardt Fix for gcc 4.5 (I do wonder why gcc 4.6 does not complain though)
(edit) @5:5687b17d5e78   11 years mreichardt Added bounded queues including tests.
(edit) @4:ac61ec7eed81   11 years mreichardt Fixed ABA problem in concurrent dequeueing (now uses tagged pointers).
(edit) @3:5d5fabb59780   11 years mreichardt Added initial implementation of concurrent set including test program.
(edit) @2:66c640773f78   11 years mreichardt Queues can now deal with unique_ptrs with custom deleter. Unique pointer …
(edit) @1:ab5600e9054b   11 years mreichardt Fixed issues with gcc 4.5
(add) @0:6ec9a7fb7809   11 years mreichardt Initial commit with concurrent queue and test programs.
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