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(edit) @127:6e6e321a9a79   17 months max.reichardt Merged with 17.03 tip
(edit) @126:4f43c53c428b   17 months max.reichardt Removes obsolete (legacy) classes 17.03
(edit) @125:84e29d5ff27b   2 years mreichardt Cleans up code of concurrent list and array wrapper classes 17.03
(edit) @124:508d8703087a   2 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @123:5b1d468799cb   4 years mreichardt Updated 'make.xml' - to preferred target tag names
(edit) @122:dd688b5a6022   5 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @121:cf6aa8a331e8   6 years mreichardt Bugfix
(edit) @120:f68525b4874b   6 years mreichardt Removed various obsolete classes and adapted code
(edit) @119:350748de63a3   6 years mreichardt Removed obsolete dependency entry from make.xml
(edit) @118:2a406d0e77ae   6 years mreichardt Moved packages 'serialization', 'logging', 'xml', and 'jni' to separate …
(edit) @117:a89801a71821   6 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @116:8aa4458adeff   6 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @115:3cd169607fac   6 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.03
(edit) @114:82cc0cfc7e36   6 years mreichardt Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming
(edit) @113:14ac3e3cbb61   6 years mreichardt renamed logging enums
(edit) @112:b0f81f0cecf5   6 years mreichardt Added getElementType() method to PortDataListImpl
(edit) @111:10f2b93167a2   6 years mreichardt Changed level of new debug message to verbose
(edit) @110:36b75295fb8c   6 years mreichardt Adapted to changs in rrlib_rtti. Can now handle namespaces in C++ data …
(edit) @109:8b45cb16db4c   6 years mreichardt Bugfix in MemoryBuffer: If buffer is resized, it will maintain setting on …
(edit) @108:fc7d3a343435   6 years mreichardt Bugfix in MemoryBuffer.setSize()
(edit) @107:0b7b230dd8cf   6 years mreichardt Adapted serialization classes to changes in rrlib_serialization.
(edit) @106:7562a976d05d   6 years mreichardt JNICalls class now looks for rrlib_jni.
(edit) @105:8933cc7517a3   6 years foehst Equalized preamble
(edit) @104:e76056c100db   6 years mreichardt Fixed thread-safety issue in type register
(edit) @103:a1c586232451   6 years mreichardt MemoryBuffers and FixedBuffers now allow to choose whether they should use …
(edit) @102:a113cb635ff0   6 years mreichardt Removed network classes. Added some missing functionality to serialization …
(edit) @101:2c090ed41563   6 years mreichardt Removed annotations and code for outdated Java=>C++ conversion
(edit) @100:557797426799   7 years mreichardt Fix for Android platforms.
(edit) @99:4d955b62fb41   7 years foehst Removed unneeded dependency files
(edit) @98:db9083aa6852   7 years mreichardt Fixed serious memory leak in FixedBuffer class caused by Java thread local …
(edit) @97:797fc1c68e7f   7 years mreichardt Added serialization stream operators for durations.
(edit) @96:042a3d3c1c08   7 years mreichardt Some changes to handling of enum values: - Refactored EnumValue class. - …
(edit) @95:c7b8f6941730   7 years mreichardt "serialization encoding flexibility boost" commit: - The names of enum …
(edit) @94:1a2c43cb7b32   7 years mreichardt Fixed loop time calculation when desired loop time is exceeded on average.
(edit) @93:8a16b825132a   7 years mreichardt Modified loop thread for more exact timing on loop starts.
(edit) @92:673a3f8b81d1   7 years mreichardt Fixed annotation that Sun Java has a problem with.
(edit) @91:bf2dae7c2de8   7 years mreichardt Bugfix in assertion.
(edit) @90:12d73102d9fb   7 years mreichardt Split 'serialization' package up into 'serialization' and 'rtti' (after …
(edit) @89:c7b3a67ccffc   7 years mreichardt Added interface NumericRepresentation for all types that have a numeric …
(edit) @88:d07607998e04   7 years mreichardt LoopThread now provides access to last cycle execution time.
(edit) @87:52ac92a0a4c6   7 years mreichardt Bugfix in deserialization of ChunkedBuffer.
(edit) @86:8b234e6c3606   8 years mreichardt Bugfix: empty filenames are now handled properly by …
(edit) @85:e363f2168d59   8 years mreichardt File lookup now deals with absolute file names properly.
(edit) @84:2e6f0eea4262   8 years mreichardt Small changes to deal with NULL parameters in Serialization.equals(...)
(edit) @83:d5f4f55f952b   8 years mreichardt Bugfix w.r.t enum serialization.
(edit) @82:b1988f029674   8 years mreichardt GenericObject can now deep copy derived copyable classes.
(edit) @81:4ddb810377cb   8 years mreichardt Finroc file lookup: - Added function to determine where to save finroc …
(edit) @80:1ad3f48047b0   8 years mreichardt Added lookup functions for files in finroc repositories.
(edit) @79:ec48d982c911   8 years mreichardt tSafeConcurrentlyIterableListBase<T>::Add(...) now returns index. Made …
(edit) @78:1e0d9dbb9431   8 years mreichardt Beautified XML document dumps. Added convenience enum string …
(edit) @77:ac6ba5c43cb6   8 years mreichardt removed dependency to finroc core
(edit) @76:f0ae888db0eb   8 years mreichardt Improved interruptability of Loopthreads with longer cycle times.
(edit) @75:d567ac1c4d94   8 years mreichardt Adapted to changes in C++ enum type handling.
(edit) @74:bd5a0cf56545   8 years mreichardt Fixed ugly bug that corrupted streams in simvis3d_demo. Fixed comment.
(edit) @73:f6fb4a2bbe3b   8 years mreichardt Added methods for native serialization of enums to stream classes.
(edit) @72:f839f9d0e387   8 years foehst Dependency files are not needed anymore
(edit) @71:fc2da6a6b7f7   8 years mreichardt bugfix in serialization output stream buffer
(edit) @70:528b9c3e0b93   8 years mreichardt Adapted make.xml to new target names
(edit) @69:ea88cd2ee1ae   8 years reichardt Adapted to new directory structure provided by finroc_get
(edit) @68:56043589a079   8 years reichardt fixed input and output stream classes so that they can deal with UTF-8 …
(edit) @67:a72e3d118f3a   8 years reichardt C++ bugfixes
(edit) @66:0179102d240d   8 years reichardt Added some necessary methods to XMLDocument (mainly write to and read from …
(edit) @65:e68742ae3f9b   8 years reichardt minor changes: PortDataList can be cloned now, old cpp fix, toString() for …
(edit) @64:1a08fd649d74   8 years reichardt bugfix in convertBinaryToHexString
(edit) @63:03389916ce46   8 years reichardt Diverse fixes and additions to make network connections more robust.
(edit) @62:7ea64b628f58   8 years reichardt Added capabilities to tInputStream and tOutputStream to read and write …
(edit) @61:4d4ad121d2c7   8 years reichardt Added utility method to sSerialization.
(edit) @60:8a77b5c0a8c2   8 years reichardt fixes for gcc 4.4
(edit) @59:92f74aa44868   8 years reichardt Replaced boost locks and mutexes with std locks and mutexes => removed …
(edit) @58:dfcaea4c4a04   8 years reichardt Changes for C++ code: Removed tGenericChangeable interface, because the …
(edit) @57:1d871ecdb65d   8 years reichardt C++ fixes: To be able to generically instantiate objects whose standard …
(edit) @56:430a69517c01   8 years reichardt fix in RTTI class name extraction
(edit) @55:0be7a06125ce   8 years reichardt Made data types annotatable.
(edit) @54:5c547c4eafb2   8 years reichardt bugfix
(edit) @53:33b8848c2e47   8 years reichardt bugfix in StringInputStream
(edit) @52:ce0900d76e18   8 years reichardt bugfix
(edit) @51:415456b54f0b   8 years reichardt bugfix
(edit) @50:f63cdc571ce3   8 years reichardt Adapted java code so that DataTypeBase.isConvertibleTo also works for list …
(edit) @49:19700c2d720f   8 years reichardt rrlib serialization bugfix: List types are now initialized properly for …
(edit) @48:24023c4fd53e   8 years reichardt Added facilities for 'bool' data type
(edit) @47:72fe2a29bd40   8 years reichardt std::vector<shared_ptr<T> > types are no longer generated for elementary …
(edit) @46:e35d3e154869   8 years reichardt Removed code that instantiates GenericObjects with different template …
(edit) @45:7712271d3158   8 years reichardt Removed syntax errors that some compilers cannot deal with
(edit) @44:cb2d126e33ed   8 years reichardt Added missing files. Fixed issues in StringStream stream operators
(edit) @43:800e997fd81b   8 years reichardt Removed custom deepcopy function from MemoryBuffer, becuase copyFrom is …
(edit) @42:89ce275b79ff   8 years reichardt Introduced a base class for GenericObject implementation classes. This …
(edit) @41:51f046dcef89   8 years reichardt bugfix
(edit) @40:15b10d4a399a   8 years reichardt Fixed bug. Added explicit template specialization for …
(edit) @39:75b9121fa09b   8 years reichardt DataTypeBase constructor can now have zero arguments in C++
(edit) @38:c75ea2f623f2   8 years reichardt Bugfix in C++ code that handles buffer alllocation
(edit) @37:7ad577ca200d   8 years reichardt Bugfix in OutputStream. Modified tDataType::CreateInstance functions so …
(edit) @36:020f09161920   8 years reichardt refactored and introduced more customizable deleting (for object managers …
(edit) @35:70bba70c87ed   8 years reichardt bugfix for 32bit platform
(edit) @34:8bb4c63572e1   8 years reichardt small bugfix
(edit) @33:fa29359e13d6   8 years reichardt minor fix
(edit) @32:3a12b4e14064   8 years reichardt Fixed various bugs and issues. Made tDataType initialize its list types …
(edit) @31:531f04ea1bd1   8 years reichardt Added rrlib serialization and moved most stream-related classes there. …
(edit) @30:59a312482469   8 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @29:64ccb3799a92   8 years reichardt some small fixes for 64 bit architectures
(edit) @28:1d2273d3a109   9 years reichardt Added CppFilename annotation
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