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(edit) @129:38d30c5ceaf3   4 years mreichardt Removes obsolete/unnecessary casts in ChunkedBuffer (as indicated by … tip
(edit) @128:5e202b7179a8   4 years mreichardt Adapts to change in rrlib_serialization-java (adds explicit throw clause …
(edit) @127:6e6e321a9a79   6 years max.reichardt Merged with 17.03
(edit) @126:4f43c53c428b   6 years max.reichardt Removes obsolete (legacy) classes 17.03
(edit) @125:84e29d5ff27b   6 years mreichardt Cleans up code of concurrent list and array wrapper classes 17.03
(edit) @121:cf6aa8a331e8   10 years mreichardt Bugfix
(edit) @120:f68525b4874b   10 years mreichardt Removed various obsolete classes and adapted code
(edit) @118:2a406d0e77ae   10 years mreichardt Moved packages 'serialization', 'logging', 'xml', and 'jni' to separate …
(edit) @116:8aa4458adeff   10 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @115:3cd169607fac   10 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.03
(edit) @113:14ac3e3cbb61   10 years mreichardt renamed logging enums
(edit) @106:7562a976d05d   11 years mreichardt JNICalls class now looks for rrlib_jni.
(edit) @105:8933cc7517a3   11 years foehst Equalized preamble
(edit) @102:a113cb635ff0   11 years mreichardt Removed network classes. Added some missing functionality to serialization …
(edit) @101:2c090ed41563   11 years mreichardt Removed annotations and code for outdated Java=>C++ conversion
(edit) @94:1a2c43cb7b32   12 years mreichardt Fixed loop time calculation when desired loop time is exceeded on average.
(edit) @93:8a16b825132a   12 years mreichardt Modified loop thread for more exact timing on loop starts.
(edit) @90:12d73102d9fb   12 years mreichardt Split 'serialization' package up into 'serialization' and 'rtti' (after …
(edit) @88:d07607998e04   12 years mreichardt LoopThread now provides access to last cycle execution time.
(edit) @87:52ac92a0a4c6   12 years mreichardt Bugfix in deserialization of ChunkedBuffer.
(edit) @86:8b234e6c3606   12 years mreichardt Bugfix: empty filenames are now handled properly by …
(edit) @85:e363f2168d59   12 years mreichardt File lookup now deals with absolute file names properly.
(edit) @81:4ddb810377cb   12 years mreichardt Finroc file lookup: - Added function to determine where to save finroc …
(edit) @80:1ad3f48047b0   12 years mreichardt Added lookup functions for files in finroc repositories.
(edit) @79:ec48d982c911   12 years mreichardt tSafeConcurrentlyIterableListBase<T>::Add(...) now returns index. Made …
(edit) @76:f0ae888db0eb   12 years mreichardt Improved interruptability of Loopthreads with longer cycle times.
(edit) @74:bd5a0cf56545   12 years mreichardt Fixed ugly bug that corrupted streams in simvis3d_demo. Fixed comment.
(add) @69:ea88cd2ee1ae   12 years reichardt Adapted to new directory structure provided by finroc_get
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