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(edit) @25:2a634441d8ef   8 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.02.1
(edit) @24:627bf1924b86   8 years foehst Added streaming operators for rrlib_canvas
(edit) @23:6b2994bf47c6   8 years foehst Fixed namespace usage
(edit) @22:f73e1bdbc9bf   8 years foehst Moved metric definitions to vector class in rrlib_math
(edit) @21:c6c1dda3d2e0   9 years foehst Some renaming and the default metric is now accessible via cDEFAULT_METRIC
(edit) @20:8f9a14fd63eb   9 years foehst Readded support for different metrics using C++11 constucts
(edit) @19:85538eb6ac6a   9 years foehst Imported tKDTree
(edit) @18:5b1657e5f5c8   9 years foehst Fixed issues with static const values and added GetCurvature for 2- and …
(edit) @17:3daa58ced492   9 years foehst Merged with changes from rrlab
(edit) @16:a9e6bf94cfe4   9 years foehst Added GetClosestPoint to Bezier curves and splines
(edit) @15:ab5bbeefd049   9 years foehst Renamed GetNearestPoint to GetClosestPoint
(edit) @14:83a174d09c05   9 years foehst Updated and added old/missing copyright notes
(edit) @13:34f567d4cc50   9 years foehst Removed not-existing testprogram from make.xml
(edit) @12:a8c68867b008   9 years foehst Re-enabled make.xml validation as the make-builder now handles …
(edit) @11:335ea55eab51   9 years foehst Fixed segfault
(edit) @10:482370f77056   9 years foehst Fixed copy/paste error
(edit) @9:55215b1ab40b   9 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @8:2cefb20abdfd   9 years foehst Reformatting to meet code templates
(edit) @7:b909047eb661   9 years foehst Really moved curves into subdirectory
(edit) @6:c83d2ac2f52f   9 years foehst - Moved curves into subdirectory - Added checks for valid euclidean …
(edit) @5:59e37f7014a1   10 years foehst Generalized interfaces for arbitrary data sources and not only std::vector
(edit) @4:e60e074ddd36   10 years foehst - Added base class for splines that define their segments as Bezier curves …
(edit) @3:1b43b0dab355   10 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_math rev. 22
(edit) @2:e4907cbd2fd1   10 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @1:e3a747b66680   10 years foehst Added basic geometric shape class Added lines, line segments and Bezier …
(add) @0:f067016d8620   10 years admin Initial repository layout
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