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(edit) @39:bbbaf4084b15   3 years mreichardt Merged with 17.03 tip
(edit) @38:1f63235ee31c   3 years mreichardt Merged with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @37:ac4d260c35da   3 years mreichardt Adds missing parameter to AddValue() to define whether an option can be … 14.08
(edit) @36:5711f60c21cd   3 years foehst Adds support for multiple occurrence of value-options 14.08
(edit) @35:163482b24376   3 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @34:83e19856089e   6 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @33:26de09a08f92   6 years foehst Added forgotten make.xml
(edit) @32:e93509beeb22   6 years foehst Updated make.xml and transformed "test program" to example
(edit) @31:ced8fda8b8ff   7 years foehst Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming and …
(edit) @30:4b2361a6c7db   7 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @29:50d1654cea2c   7 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @28:82b840e700db   7 years mreichardt Classified some console output as verbose - as discussed with Tobias.
(edit) @27:3808ba0cf5bb   7 years foehst Fixed spillover of option groups into value
(edit) @26:f67630469a9e   7 years foehst - Got rid of boost::any be introducing externals functions (handlers …
(edit) @25:a300b12f51f2   7 years foehst Updated file info
(edit) @24:4d87f4a5263c   8 years foehst Fixed preamble
(edit) @23:08332e2a9967   8 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_logging
(edit) @22:185829223f1e   8 years foehst Fixed malformatting of help texts introduced in 479e321cae2
(edit) @21:309aca07a633   8 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.02.1
(edit) @20:479e321cae21   8 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_logging
(edit) @19:ac594e6a855e   9 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_util
(edit) @18:dfe864fafa08   9 years foehst Dependency files are not needed anymore
(edit) @17:2f29c8f3f4bb   9 years foehst Re-enabled make.xml validation as the make-builder now handles …
(edit) @16:de1e5e4a9db8   9 years foehst Replaced tr1/memory types by memory types
(edit) @15:5f1acf5dfe6e   9 years foehst Reformatting to meet code templates
(edit) @14:c04be1a0334e   10 years foehst Added some const and removed dtd-checking from make.xml until …
(edit) @13:811fde23ee61   10 years foehst Cosmetics
(edit) @12:bad8264e952c   10 years foehst Added direct access to option-instances via shared pointers
(edit) @11:27f3a49697f9   10 years foehst Fixed instantiation of static variables
(edit) @10:bae05a0412e7   10 years foehst Adapted to new include path
(edit) @9:e59ad16b71b1   10 years foehst One step towards using rrlib dtds
(edit) @8:d222076bf107   10 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @7:d3842cb21570   10 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @6:0e05b66f9410   10 years foehst Fixed includes and updated dependencies
(edit) @5:de6f8aa6d0be   10 years foehst Migrated to automatic dependency detection and moved join to new lib …
(edit) @4:ea0a538992b6   10 years foehst - Added program version and description - Added support for multi-line …
(edit) @3:38bfd0930eaf   10 years foehst Made sentinels conform to the workgroup's standard
(edit) @2:e15ab9c1336e   10 years foehst Using boost::any to declare a nicer return type for GetValue
(edit) @1:c11a18318284   10 years foehst Added first version of an rrlib getopt implementation
(add) @0:3030b43fcd8c   10 years admin Initial repository layout
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