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(edit) @19:49b39ac77cad   4 months max.reichardt Adds a std::ostream stream operator for tStringRange as well as typedefs … 17.03 tip
(edit) @18:a5dd51c346e0   15 months max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @17:1b2e312c7b52   15 months max.reichardt Makes path iterator copy constructible (erroneously wasn't) 17.03
(edit) @16:0e06aed7cb7d   17 months mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @15:acb9ad28fa9e   17 months mreichardt Fixes clang compiler error (variable length array of non-POD element type) 17.03
(edit) @14:9b4a3e51acab   2 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @13:248c7632f540   2 years mreichardt Removes release-mode compiler warning with gcc 9.3 - and ensures that … 17.03
(edit) @12:a0d32e608ba4   3 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @11:8865b9eb5efe   3 years max.reichardt Fixes bug in URI parsing (with paths containing encoded slashes) 17.03
(edit) @10:9a77f95a1bad   3 years max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @9:55a205745993   3 years max.reichardt Adds function to remove dot segments in paths 17.03
(edit) @8:ad88614d6c16   3 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @7:12724774ac13   3 years mreichardt Adds tURI constructor for const char* arguments 17.03
(edit) @6:75405b3ea08b   5 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @5:044bf5ae5b3b   5 years max.reichardt Bugfix in tPath::Append function
(edit) @4:e03c8fced5ea   5 years max.reichardt Adds convenience constructors to tPath
(edit) @3:51e65c23453d   5 years mreichardt Adds functions to create absolute and relative paths
(edit) @2:6813b46b98f2   5 years mreichardt Introduces size limit for tPath deserialization (so erroneous input can …
(edit) @1:cb7455ca33b1   5 years foehst Adds license information
(add) @0:747217294174   5 years mreichardt Initial commit
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