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(edit) @177:2a43a96e4aef   3 weeks mreichardt Merge with 17.03 tip
(edit) @176:aec9d144ecb1   3 weeks mreichardt Fixes compiler warning that appears with additional non-default warning … 17.03
(edit) @175:f2dd3a0dff52   3 months max.reichardt Adds missing 'const' modifier to tIteratorRange::Empty() 17.03
(edit) @174:3b1906ae452c   4 months mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @173:995dee26a025   5 months max.reichardt Adapts to changes in rrlib_time 17.03
(edit) @172:a987d74bd424   5 months max.reichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @171:400048d8db52   5 months max.reichardt Adds support for ARM64 architecture in tagged pointer class 17.03
(edit) @170:c3106c5c18b5   2 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @169:ee067c376df2   2 years foehst Merge with 14.08
(edit) @168:8f09365e2622   2 years foehst Merge with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @167:db24b1e80891   2 years foehst Fixes warning about unused function in release mode 14.08
(edit) @166:f256efc85099   3 years mreichardt Merge with 14.08
(edit) @165:20f165f22d0f   3 years mreichardt Merge with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @164:7b47551c117c   3 years mreichardt Bugfix for Get and Set methods of tEnumBasedFlags when used with 64-Bit … 14.08
(edit) @163:d8b807f8ee7e   3 years mreichardt Adds typedefs for template arguments to tEnumBasedFlags 17.03
(edit) @162:bef5f76f9967   3 years foehst Merge with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @161:694ca5642954   3 years foehst Merge with 14.08
(edit) @160:aaeedeabee77   3 years tobias.foehst Adds operator < to tEnumBasedFlags 14.08
(edit) @159:0f18ce923b96   4 years tobias.foehst Adds convenience functions to reset and check flags in tEnumBasedFlags 14.08
(edit) @158:b9ff329accda   3 years foehst Merge with 14.08
(edit) @157:d80b200a705d   4 years mreichardt Merged with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @156:030a1ef23ba0   4 years tobias.foehst Adds test to check if conversion from rrlib::time::tTimestamp to tTime … 14.08
(edit) @155:4561b3b07490   4 years foehst Adds a type trait for callables (functions, functors, lambdas, etc.) 17.03
(edit) @154:e4ed7874b57e   4 years foehst Adds overload to make range directly from e.g. an STL container 17.03
(edit) @153:3e510dd2bd0f   4 years mreichardt Adds tIteratorRange utility class that wraps start and end iterator 17.03
(edit) @152:52dd54e2592a   4 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @151:348ae4187df0   4 years mreichardt Improves tMangedConstCharPointer ((1) bugfix when handling non-copied …
(edit) @150:40a2ec03fbc9   4 years max.reichardt Merged with 14.08
(edit) @149:6eaf638bfc9d   4 years max.reichardt Adds missing ==/!= operators to tEnumBasedFlags 14.08
(edit) @148:3ef70bad6fbe   5 years mreichardt Added tManagedConstCharPointer (smart pointer class for const char …
(edit) @147:cf8592456552   5 years mreichardt Removed compiler warning in unit test
(edit) @146:8bb04add2a32   5 years wettach cleaned code
(edit) @145:ace18c6c0493   5 years wettach cleaned code; added function for retrieving extension from a file name
(edit) @144:3af88cce7577   5 years wettach removed debug output
(edit) @143:c4f5f169b423   5 years wettach fixed copy/paste issues
(edit) @142:9fdf72ae3cdd   5 years wettach reorganized sFileIOUtils (now only functions from rrlib/util/fileio.h …
(edit) @141:d2166fec0548   5 years wettach small fix
(edit) @140:3d2122813649   5 years mreichardt Added test cases for string Tokenize() function. Made minor improvements …
(edit) @139:804baa38d03b   5 years wettach moved sStringUtils::Tokenize to string.h, replaced some functions of …
(edit) @138:54795acda7b9   5 years mreichardt Merged with 14.08
(edit) @137:a595ea258c54   5 years mreichardt Compile fix (possibly also bug fix) for gcc 5.3 14.08
(edit) @136:53211ebe7c86   6 years foehst Merge with 13.10
(edit) @135:e69efd5776a1   6 years foehst Merge with 13.10 14.08
(edit) @134:fb5983113932   6 years foehst Merge with changes from robot makers 13.10
(edit) @133:58d109dd322f   6 years tobias.foehst Merge with changes from 13.10
(edit) @132:156aa69a87b5   6 years tobias.foehst Bugfix: special member functions for move semantics are not generated if … 13.10
(edit) @131:ff27859dca64   6 years leroch fixed issue in the context of name resolution 13.10
(edit) @130:9777943e41e5   6 years foehst Merge with 13.10
(edit) @129:2aeacbc68ea9   6 years foehst Merge with 13.10 14.08
(edit) @128:9e7376ae770a   6 years foehst Bugfix: casts are not allowed in #if expressions (and CLOCKS_PER_SEC … 13.10
(edit) @127:8e14ba59af80   6 years mreichardt Introduces RRLIB_UTIL_EXCEPTION_DISABLE_TRACING define to disable tracing …
(edit) @126:e555513f3de1   6 years wettach removed deprecated class
(edit) @125:37fafe915f31   6 years wettach improved ip address lookup via host call; less debug output
(edit) @124:1b0a9b51bae7   6 years foehst Merged with 14.08
(edit) @123:68ba619b821a   6 years foehst Setting max log message level of tUnitTestSuite to USER as tests should be … 14.08
(edit) @122:3114c2cdce23   6 years foehst Better fix for printf format string warnings: replaced PRINTF by PRINT … 14.08
(edit) @121:93a15712f420   6 years foehst Fixed warning: printf format string 14.08
(edit) @120:1bc446ce2c5a   6 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @119:e0f1b4de6c6c   7 years m_arndt Only attempt to create backtraces if running on Linux
(edit) @118:60d762efb225   7 years foehst Added default implementation for tUnitTestSuite's InitializeTests and …
(edit) @117:2985b3c48af7   7 years mreichardt Merged
(edit) @116:83fa55e9e8ac   7 years m_arndt Rename nondescriptive parameters "a" and "b" to "expected" and "actual" - …
(edit) @115:d8ef0e8bd451   7 years foehst Updated make.xml and transformed test programs to unit tests
(edit) @114:4e206da6f338   7 years foehst Marked outdated RRLIB_FINAL_CLASS deprecated. Use C++11's final specifier …
(edit) @113:d271a42971c8   7 years foehst Merged with 13.10
(edit) @112:3bac4000907e   7 years foehst Bugfix: Added instance of type lists' tIndexOf::cVALUE to reference to … 13.10
(edit) @111:56ac6d8b1149   7 years wettach cleaned GetHostName()
(edit) @110:d1cbdd7d17fd   7 years mreichardt Added slim collection of string utility functions as discussed with Tobias
(edit) @109:3410bfde33c5   7 years foehst Added missing include
(edit) @108:75362ec0c4b3   7 years foehst Added symbol demangling
(edit) @107:bd1bbc610a4d   7 years foehst Fixed warning in snprintf, added explicit dtor and removed noreturn …
(edit) @106:706c82fbaa8c   7 years foehst Made backtrace more robust against whitespace in filenames
(edit) @105:94529588aa60   7 years foehst Added traceable exceptions
(edit) @104:6763edb5aa9f   7 years foehst Merged with 13.10
(edit) @103:4c886d857d1f   7 years foehst * Adjusted type_list/tTypeListBase.h according to code convention * Moved … 13.10
(edit) @102:24058c6c98bf   7 years wettach added convenience function
(edit) @101:8ffe936eef5b   7 years foehst Merged default
(edit) @100:9fa296214eec   7 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @99:f488dabb5efa   7 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.03
(edit) @98:ea0238bf0832   7 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @97:693e3b37d37f   7 years foehst Merged with default
(edit) @96:f11c83d88445   7 years foehst Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming
(edit) @95:f3f1f1f16eac   7 years mreichardt Added tEnumBasedFlags utility class (as discussed with Tobias)
(edit) @94:5ab465115d30   7 years mreichardt Fix in sFileIOUtils::HostToIp functions: if host name cannot be resolved, …
(edit) @93:8d20c0a4f746   7 years wettach added convenience function
(edit) @92:77b2d68da1f5   7 years foehst Replaced std::function in ProcessVariadicValues by less restricitve …
(edit) @91:f04d6cdf4e0a   8 years wettach generalized container input/output
(edit) @90:a072d3caf819   8 years foehst Added missing const qualifiers to cast operators
(edit) @89:b4237e424601   8 years mreichardt Removed redefinition of default argument in Join functions (required for …
(edit) @88:bec87c2a0b8f   8 years m_arndt Merged with default
(edit) @87:87326432bf85   8 years m_arndt Corrected _MESSAGE macro for RRLIB_UNIT_TESTS_EQUALITY_DOUBLE_MESSAGE
(edit) @86:7b5f4bbe0cd1   8 years m_arndt Added additional _MESSAGE macros that can be used to output a message on …
(edit) @85:09e29f1284b6   8 years m_arndt Added wrapper to CPPUNIT_ASSERT_DOUBLES_EQUAL which can be used to check …
(edit) @84:f328970a6b47   8 years foehst Merged with changes from RRLab
(edit) @83:10f32063cdf7   8 years fleischmann Method added to test if a file exists
(edit) @82:bcdf2a9fd146   8 years fleischmann Added compatibility and conversion to new rrlib::time libraries
(edit) @81:594fc1ba6b32   8 years mreichardt Added tNoncopyable class (replacement for boost::noncopyable)
(edit) @80:f8014ca4bc2b   8 years foehst Updated file info
(edit) @79:949d304fcb04   8 years foehst Equalized preamble
(edit) @78:fa189c22a09e   8 years wettach merged with changes from
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