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(edit) @111:56ac6d8b1149   6 years wettach cleaned GetHostName()
(edit) @102:24058c6c98bf   7 years wettach added convenience function
(edit) @101:8ffe936eef5b   7 years foehst Merged default
(edit) @98:ea0238bf0832   7 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @93:8d20c0a4f746   7 years wettach added convenience function
(edit) @91:f04d6cdf4e0a   7 years wettach generalized container input/output
(edit) @84:f328970a6b47   7 years foehst Merged with changes from RRLab
(edit) @83:10f32063cdf7   7 years fleischmann Method added to test if a file exists
(edit) @80:f8014ca4bc2b   7 years foehst Updated file info
(edit) @61:f3ca80877de0   8 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_logging
(edit) @53:f2b76db078b0   9 years wettach added support for reading/writing a std::vector<T> from/to a bzipped file
(edit) @52:2ee2ffcef24c   9 years foehst Backed out changeset 1793615c41cb - Was better solved by proper host …
(edit) @51:1793615c41cb   9 years foehst Tried to make host lookup a bit more robust
(edit) @34:ab31d5f0532b   9 years foehst Updated and added old/missing copyright notes
(edit) @29:be8141502cfa   9 years foehst Removed legacy methods
(add) @9:b4a8f6dd044f   10 years wettach added <sStringUtils>, <sFileIOUtils>, <tAutoRegister>, <tCallback> as lib …
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