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(edit) @70:667a4ebe3f63   3 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03 tip
(edit) @69:b9bd564ea70c   3 years mreichardt Fixes compiler warnings that appear with additional non-default warning … 17.03
(edit) @68:02721adf0711   4 years mreichardt Merge with 17.03
(edit) @67:eb1176488313   4 years mreichardt Merge with 14.08 17.03
(edit) @66:809c9ecdfdc7   4 years mreichardt Removes 'extern "C"' around libxml2 includes, as they are intended to be … 14.08
(edit) @65:0b2210253d4b   7 years foehst Starts beta branch for version 17.03 17.03
(edit) @64:82ab6c4099b8   8 years wettach more elegant memory deallocation
(edit) @63:6e56f95badd3   8 years wettach added a function for searching a node in an XML document, added …
(edit) @62:00b9888b237c   9 years foehst Started stable branch for version 14.08 14.08
(edit) @61:15845a0791ab   10 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_util
(edit) @60:79b05538f5bd   10 years foehst Split make.xml for tests and updated DTD version
(edit) @59:33ec346d0903   10 years foehst Updated make.xml and converted "test program" into unit test
(edit) @58:d64b02bc9673   10 years foehst Started stable branch for version 13.10 13.10
(edit) @57:3d0021116fb4   10 years foehst Added and updated license information
(edit) @56:94157953b5c9   10 years mreichardt Adjusted make.xml to change in make_builder shared library naming
(edit) @55:758bcd0d7b0f   10 years foehst Removed wrong const classifier
(edit) @54:77ebd2627b9f   10 years foehst Added method to access parent of a tNode
(edit) @53:8b136fa90526   10 years m_arndt Make HasNextSibling() const so that it can be called on const tNodes
(edit) @52:d7207624a7a7   10 years foehst Removed assertions for things that are already handled via exceptions
(edit) @51:379af9bcf83e   11 years mreichardt Replaced boost::noncopyable with rrlib::util::tNoncopyable.
(edit) @50:b71750b797d3   11 years foehst Updated file info
(edit) @49:f6a48d9316b0   11 years foehst Making use of different encodings in enum_strings to implement safe enum …
(edit) @48:b69f74b37256   11 years foehst Removed unneeded dependency files
(edit) @47:346d3d46c1dd   11 years foehst Adapted to changes in make_builder
(edit) @46:0e3ecaa4241b   11 years foehst Making use of make-builders enum_strings mechanism when reading enum …
(edit) @45:f8572df2d06a   11 years foehst Added a bunch of missing "not"s to documentation
(edit) @44:73e35db677a4   11 years foehst Added ctors that allow explicit specification of input encoding
(edit) @43:c16abcb3af98   11 years foehst Adapted to rrlib_util -> rrlib_design_patterns split
(edit) @42:6f97b6d207aa   11 years foehst Renamed to rrlib_xml and stripped XML from class names
(edit) @41:c76b0a69fe12   12 years foehst Added missing files to make.xml
(edit) @40:6c6d24f78cb0   12 years foehst Reformatted with astyle 2.02.1
(edit) @39:d0ce9299629b   12 years foehst Fixed namespace usage
(edit) @38:966d0fb94b1b   12 years foehst Renamed a few methods
(edit) @37:c5df9ba5c538   12 years foehst Adapted to changes in rrlib_util changeset 8433bff5a75a
(edit) @36:dc19311c025a   12 years mreichardt Deleted generated copy constructor in tXMLDocument, because it is unsafe. …
(edit) @35:1285e35e00f3   12 years mreichardt Fixed issue in AddChildNode that prevents proper XML formatting.
(edit) @34:9b265e573d5a   12 years foehst Updated and added old/missing copyright notes
(edit) @33:71b986b0e6be   12 years mreichardt Bugfix
(edit) @32:979165defa68   12 years foehst Bugfix
(edit) @31:12ce53ba3da1   12 years foehst Re-enabled make.xml validation as the make-builder now handles …
(edit) @30:fd37e558df9e   12 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @29:1794ab3b26cc   13 years wettach re-beautification
(edit) @28:15a9c62ae088   13 years wettach fixed beautification
(edit) @27:fa0f95e3f689   13 years foehst Cosmetics
(edit) @26:21e74a83b678   13 years foehst Reformatting to meet code templates
(edit) @25:f4719d28635c   13 years foehst - Fixed tXMLNode::operator = for case of self assignment - Moved method …
(edit) @24:053261a1064b   13 years wettach added assign operator to <tXMLDocument>
(edit) @23:4ecca280f2f4   13 years wettach removed obsolete function
(edit) @22:2f54e9dcca94   13 years wettach adaptations for gcc 4.5.2
(edit) @21:4d7521838475   13 years foehst Renamed method due to the policy to avoid unneeded abbreviations
(edit) @20:00a827356b07   13 years wettach inhanced interface of <tXMLNode> and <tXMLDocument> for …
(edit) @19:a383ab31dd76   13 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @18:66f0f7c055b1   13 years foehst Added const_iterator and method to set complete content of tXMLNode
(edit) @17:56187719adda   13 years foehst Fixed bug that made source nodes disappear in AddChildNode and …
(edit) @16:68d59b640626   13 years foehst As we are not going to wrap other libs than libxml2 tXMLNode now derives …
(edit) @15:4a4ecf74137e   13 years foehst Re-added expensive but corrected GetChildren method which is often used in …
(edit) @14:901108bdcd47   13 years foehst Using the underlying linked list instead of an own children vector (that …
(edit) @13:9a956d0a5c8b   13 years foehst Removed dtd-checking from make.xml until offline-issues are solved
(edit) @12:6a74f44a7a99   13 years foehst Adapted to new include path
(edit) @11:5cf9dc5021c0   13 years foehst One step towards using rrlib dtds
(edit) @10:3cc45e72eabd   13 years admin Updated dependencies
(edit) @9:a231c655708d   13 years foehst Migrated to automatic dependency detection
(edit) @8:091bd494eac4   13 years foehst - Fixed remaining memory leaks - Added methods to add/remove/set …
(edit) @7:f70b5036cbe7   13 years foehst Fixed memory leak
(edit) @6:93cf8f073247   13 years foehst - Added creation and extension of DOM trees - Added test program
(edit) @5:5f001284828c   13 years foehst Made sentinels conform to the workgroup's standard
(edit) @4:7feee885e267   13 years foehst - Updated documentation layout
(edit) @3:683faad4e763   13 years foehst Fixed includes
(edit) @2:62280b9c901d   13 years foehst Documentation
(edit) @1:55a1ce2fc051   13 years foehst Validation and reading of XML files
(add) @0:c9ff3a7657ef   13 years admin Initial repository layout
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