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(edit) @20:a53f21d300fc   14 months foehst Removes outdated hostfingerprints tip
(edit) @19:fee05228166d   4 years tobias.foehst Replaced dependency to default-jdk by java6-sdk to avoid broken openjdk-7 …
(edit) @18:52a5dff3659d   4 years foehst Updated host fingerprint for
(edit) @17:7790856a2536   4 years foehst - Updated dependencies - Removed packages for newer and older doxygen …
(edit) @16:1bc719921626   5 years foehst Fixed clang version constraints
(edit) @15:475c410ee385   5 years foehst Replaced versioned clang packages by their meta package
(edit) @14:5b9c7c5b4f44   5 years foehst Improved alternative dependencies to clang or older doxygen by adding two …
(edit) @13:13867c485fe3   6 years foehst Added libswitch-perl
(edit) @12:e861dab4973a   6 years foehst - Removed outdated dependency to lsb_release - Added alternative …
(edit) @11:ade79ba55cdd   6 years foehst Renamed install to finroc-dependencies.install
(edit) @10:d44bcc91417e   6 years foehst Replaced openjdk-6-jdk by default-jdk
(edit) @9:4eb31f9c6266   6 years foehst Added version information to astyle dependency
(edit) @8:763f2ff807ea   6 years foehst Removed outdated dependency to libtime-modules-perl
(edit) @7:378e59acd656   6 years foehst Replaced openjdk-7-jdk by openjdk-6-jdk
(edit) @6:dc28efd54d75   6 years foehst Added lsb-release and make
(edit) @5:e779dc2c2dee   6 years foehst Added graphviz
(edit) @4:da510a49a2ec   6 years foehst - Added ant, curl, dialog, doxygen, g++, mercurial, openjdk-7-jdk, …
(edit) @3:a352ba17db7a   7 years foehst Fixed architecture specification
(edit) @2:3e2e2c6f229e   7 years foehst Added java-dependencies for GUI etc
(edit) @1:6913f062592c   8 years foehst Added astyle and libui-dialog-perl
(add) @0:dd56d296ecaf   8 years foehst Initial release
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