Searching and Downloading Components
What are components and how do you search or download them?
Crash Course (Development Branch) (Stable Branches 14.08 and 13.10)
Create a Finroc application from scratch: a simple simulation of a robot moving in a planar environment with a wall. "Crash course" that covers various fundamental topics for application development - as well as drawing to a canvas.
Data Port Basics
Things, everybody using data ports should know. This includes creating and connecting ports, as well as publishing and receiving data.
Inter-Process Port Connections
How to connect Finroc components in different processes ("parts")


Data Recording
How to record the contents of selected data ports to hard disk
RPC Ports
How to use RPC ports when more complex component interaction is required
Component-Defined Visualization
How to add visualization to Finroc components - shown e.g. as (animated) thumbnails in the Finstruct component graph


Suitable Port Data Types
Suitable C++ types for use in ports and parameters - and how to make any C++ type suitable
Data Ports
Covers relevant features that data ports provide for component and application developers. This includes input port queues, port listeners and dynamic port construction.
How to use a mechanism for network transparent shared objects or memory
Finroc's convenient build system
Hosting Finroc Repositories
How to host Finroc repositories on you own server (with component lists and repository management)

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