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Searching and Downloading Components
What are components and how do you search or download them?
Crash Course (Development Branch) (Stable Branches 14.08 and 13.10)
Create a Finroc application from scratch: a simple simulation of a robot moving in a planar environment with a wall. "Crash course" that covers various fundamental topics for application development - as well as drawing to a canvas.
Data Port Basics
Things, everybody using data ports should know. This includes creating and connecting ports, as well as publishing and receiving data.
Inter-Process Port Connections
How to connect Finroc components in different processes ("parts")


Suitable Port Data Types
Suitable C++ types for use in ports and parameters - and how to make any C++ type suitable
Data Ports
Covers relevant features that data ports provide for component and application developers. This includes input port queues, port listeners and dynamic port construction.
How to use a mechanism for network transparent shared objects or memory
Finroc's convenient build system
Hosting Finroc Repositories
How to host Finroc repositories on you own server (with component lists and repository management)